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Windows Resource Kit was introduced with Windows 3. With the Windows NT stream of operating systems, separate kits are released for the Workstation or Professional and Server versions thereof; the latter's documentation is a box set of four to a dozen or so books in each case whereas a single large book comes with the former as well as for the Windows 3. Resource Kit tools can generally be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center free of charge [ citation needed ] , while the technical guidance and information is released in the form of Microsoft Press books.

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The CD-ROM discs accompanying the books, contain electronic versions of the books and include the Resource Kit tools and utilities, some of which may be exclusive. The Windows NT 4. The tools included in these kits for command-line use are considered by many Windows NT shell programmers to be essential to getting the full use of the facility.

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In the past, Microsoft used to release supplements for some Resource Kits which offered revised and new tools and resources. Microsoft released two supplements for the Windows NT 3. Some of these utilities [ which?

Others were included in later Resource Kits. Older Resource Kits are no longer available from Microsoft but can in most cases be ordered from booksellers.

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The Windows Resource Kit also contains over utilities. Many of the support tools are also included in the Resource Kit, some being updated versions of past Resource Kit tools. There have been no native bit resource kit tools produced and existing bit resource kit tools are not supported on x64 platforms. Windows 7 Resource Kit was released on September 14, The tools are also available for download from Microsoft web site. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Retrieved Microsoft press UK. Like every release of the Windows Server OS before it, Windows Server includes a set of new command-line tools, some of which come from previous resource kits or support tools and others are new. Here are my favorite new commands in Server Oclist —Microsoft added the command-oriented Server Core as an installation option for Server , and it has its own commands.

Oclist queries the installed roles on your Server Core system.

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To list the status of all Server Core roles, you can run the command. Ocsetup —The Ocsetup command is used to install and remove roles and features from a Server Core system. To list the contents of the store, run. Icacls —The Icacls command replaces the older Cacls and Xacls commands.

Windows Group Policy Resource Kit: Windows Server And Windows Vista - Ebook

Icacls lets you list, update, and back up the ACLs for files and directories. Mklink —The Mklink command creates a symbolic link in the file system that redirects all requests to a location you specify. Symbolic links are transparent to users, appearing as normal files or directories.

The following example shows how to use Robocopy to create a mirrored copy of the MyData directory and all its subfolders on the share named Backups on MyServer:. Wbadmin —Wbadmin is used for Server backup and restore operations. The following example connects to the server named MyServer and displays the command shell:.

Appcmd —Appcmd.

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Appcmd is used to query, create, and configure Microsoft IIS 7.